Kieran McCarthy is an original Songwriter who has lived in Airlie Beach for 25 years. He has recorded 6 albums to date and sold over 10,000 copies. His recording career began in the day of cavernous studios with 2” tape and progressed to the wonders of laptops and digital modems.

He has won a number of Songwriting awards for his music and his most recent album Flash As A Rat, was launched in November 2014.

Kieran regularly performs his eclectic collection of original songs in a wide variety of venues located around the Whitsunday region. Notable performances are Airlie Beach Music Festival called to the stage by none other than Shane Howard to perform a duo on Kieran’s own Title track Blue On Blue.

Kieran is a founding member of the Whitsunday Songwriters group and sets a solid foundation for the live music scene in Airlie Beach.


Kieran McCarthy is affectionately known around the Whitsundays as Mr. Airlie Beach. His music is iconic to the township in far north Queensland and relays his musings and revelations over his time living in the paradise surroundings of the area.


Kieran is well known for his tongue in cheek lyrics and each album is peppered with country rock ballads that invoke the beauty and captivating scenery of his home town of 25 years. To read the lyrics alone as poetry would instil a sense of his deep love and appreciation for the region, with the addition of bright and upbeat music accompaniment you have a unique sound that speaks to people from all walks of life.

Many of his ballads describe details of locations scattered around the region from Blue Pearl Bay, and Whitsunday Shore to Wreaked Again; the discerning listener will easily visualise and appreciate Kieran’s account of his experiences immortalised in song.Kieranmccarthy_november16042014_0000

Look at the commentary of any of the recent social media mentions of Kieran McCarthy aka Mr. Monsoon, and you find a reverie of good times and fond memories.

Many folks will “pop into Airlie to say a quick G’day to Kieran” at one of his local performances. He has been found spotlighting on the Airlie Beach Music Festival Main-stage with none other than Australian rock idol Shane Howard of Goanna in 2014, followed by a plethora of satellite events supporting the growing local festival. See the official interview here.

More recently Kieran celebrated his 1000th gig at local “watering hole” KC’s Bar & Grill. The venue holds the Airlie Beach townships redoubtable title of longest standing local music venue. Yes, Airlie Beach has seen a lot of changes over the years, but Kieran McCarthy and KC’s are surely cemented in the hearts and minds of all who have returned to search out the familiar and friendly faces that make up the music community of Airlie Beach.

Kieran McCarthy at KC's Bar and Grill

The original singer songwriter has 6 albums to date with genres sliding between Aussie Rock, Country, Ballads, and even some hints of Comedy. Regular calls for titles such as Potential Derro, Chops @ 4, and Baby-What Happened, delight familiar listeners and new found fans alike.

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Title track Blue on Blue reached acclaim when it was used as the Official Soundtrack Theme song of Airlie Beach Music Festival cover competition, and marked the birth of supporting competitions. Budding original singer/songwriters from all over Australia subsequently showcase their skills by writing a song about the Whitsundays in an effigy style compliment to the man who inspired the competition and has helped to firmly establish the live music culture in the haven of Airlie Beach.

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Kieran’s repertoire of original music will take you on a journey of humorous accounts of Whitsunday adventures to poignant reminiscence of the high and lows of Airlie Beach. The collection is a self confessed tapestry of different muso’s, producers, and studios that have all contributed to various styles heard throughout the series of recordings.


Precious Ground

Recorded in the summer of 1996 at Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne this album contained a few lingering “Road” songs but tackled a number of Social and Psychological issues as well.

The title track won an award in a Reconciliation category and Wrecked Again became a local anthem for young people not realizing (or caring) it was meant to be a sad social comment on Airlie Beach and not a party song. Any way for a song that was written in 3 hours and nearly not recorded, it certainly helped sell the album.


Mr. Monsoon

The term “Mr Monsoon” was popping up in a lot of songs so this Album was named after whatever he is. Recorded in the summer of 2000 at the Soundhouse Studios in Melbourne, it was the result of 4 years since marriage breakdown with all its trauma, freedom, romance and reflection.

With Kerryn Tolhurst replacing John Dallimore (both legends) as leading musician, Mr Monsoon has a much more acoustic feel. Once more the “nearly didn’t make it” track, Backpacker, became a standard.


Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue was a departure from the standard practice of rehearsing a band of session musicians and being locked in a studio for a week. Various tracks were farmed out to different producers, the idea being to do a local album. In The Long Run was recorded live on a laptop in the lounge room. Too Easy was recorded pretty much live in Airlie’s Irish bar. Damon Stone became the engine room when after 18 months the wheels were starting to fall off.

In all 6 different producers were involved and numerous musicians. The album took 2 years to produce but it’s probably my favourite.



This was an album project produced entirely by Damon Stone and myself and I love it.

Damon’s mastery of protools and “great ears” meant that a lot of this could be done around my kitchen bench and refined in Damon’s Melbourne studio.

“Baby, What Happened” was written by old mate Paul Hazelgrove and there’s a reworking of “Blue on Blue”

The Album was written and recorded throughout 2011 and 2012.


One for The Road

Although released in 1994, this album was the result of 4 small recording sessions over 4 years which were released on cassette. Most of the sessions were at Curtain St Studios in Melbourne.

It is very much a “Road ” album resulting from 5 years of touring between Byron Bay and Broome. 4 of the tracks won State song-writing awards— Daniel Was a pioneer, Christmas in Queensland, Northern Bound and Don’t Look Back. The album became known as the “hairy album” as I was sporting a mullet on the cover.


Flash As A Rat

This album is the result of 2 years of sporadic late night recording sessions around my kitchen bench in Airlie Beach with good friend and constant motivator, Damon Stone. Good Fun!

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A selection of Kieran’s Albums are also available as downloads from iTunes.

Kieran McCarthy Songbook

Kieran’s collection of original songs are available in PDF format to download.

Australia has always had a culture of Sing-along-enjoyment. This was clearly the case in 2014 Airlie Beach Music Festival main stage tent when Shane Howard called Kieran on stage during his set to present Kieran with an award for his longstanding efforts in Live Music arena of the Whitsundays. Little did Kieran know that Shane Howard had secretly learned the title track Blue on Blue, and when he began to strum the now famous song Blue on Blue, with 3000 odd fans singing along, you could not help but realise Australians love to join in with their favourite muso’s tunes.

Kieran hopes that you will enjoy strumming away on his tunes, whether it’s around the campfire, on the deck of a Whitsunday cruise yacht, or somewhere on your journey following the footsteps of a modern a Australian Minstrel.

If you do happen to make a buck of two out of performing any of his songs, please do give Kieran a credit to APRA or a simple shout out to any who may be listening in wonder; you never know where you will find a Fan of Kieran McCarthy a.k.a Mr. Monsoon.



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