Kieran McCarthy Songbook

Kieran’s collection of original songs are available in PDF format to download.

Australia has always had a culture of Sing-along-enjoyment. This was clearly the case in 2014 Airlie Beach Music Festival main stage tent when Shane Howard called Kieran on stage during his set to present Kieran with an award for his longstanding efforts in Live Music arena of the Whitsundays. Little did Kieran know that Shane Howard had secretly learned the title track Blue on Blue, and when he began to strum the now famous song Blue on Blue, with 3000 odd fans singing along, you could not help but realise Australians love to join in with their favourite muso’s tunes.

Kieran hopes that you will enjoy strumming away on his tunes, whether it’s around the campfire, on the deck of a Whitsunday cruise yacht, or somewhere on your journey following the footsteps of a modern a Australian Minstrel.

If you do happen to make a buck of two out of performing any of his songs, please do give Kieran a credit to APRA or a simple shout out to any who may be listening in wonder; you never know where you will find a Fan of Kieran McCarthy a.k.a Mr. Monsoon.



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